Sunday Challenge: If You Could Say One Thing

I’ve been inspired to share this with all of you this morning. Over at Vitamin G, Glamour’s Health and Fitness blog, I found this quote, by fashion plus-size supermodel Crystal Renn:
“For every negative thing you say about your body, counter it with two positive things.”

And it’s true, isn’t it? I know I spend a lot of time just searching for something wrong with my body. It’s hard to even look in the mirror because I find myself saying “oh, my hair’s too flat,” or “oh, I’m so fat and bloated today.” The rest of my day after that point is usually spent crushed and feeling sorry for myself. It’s challenging– after saying all those hurtful things, to look into the mirror, or just say to yourself, a few nice things.

That’s our challenge for today (let’s make it this year!) — to be nice to yourself. Remember that saying from when you were a kid, “Do unto others?” Well, it’s true– if you’re not nice to yourself, how can you expect to be nice to others? It starts from inside you.

I’d like to hear about how you approached this challenge– did it work? What nice things did you say? Feel free to send me your thoughts.

You can read the rest of what Crystal had to say over at Vitamin G.

Later, I’ll post how I took on this challenge, along with another great recipe for this lazy Sunday.

Happy Sunday!

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