New Year… New Drink Size?

Starbucks is releasing a new drink size tomorrow– a 916 ml cup size they’re calling the trenta. Now, I do enjoy Starbucks, but I do not think anyone really needs that much coffee– or anything, really! I find it difficult to even drink a grande without getting a headache or just tired of it. The tall is sometimes more than enough! And with the amount of espresso going into the drinks–two shots is more than enough for me.
However, the new drink size is supposed to be for iced tea, coffee and lemonade, but it still brings up the question of whether anyone really needs to drink anything of that size. The company, in an article by The Huffington Post, says the unsweetened drinks in the new drink size will have fewer than 90 calories, and that sweetened versions will have less than 230. But this still brings up the question of what would happen if someone wanted more than that– say a frappuccino, latte, or other? Do you think they’ll make it anyway? I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.

The part which worries me most about this new drink size is the amount of caffeine included. Does anybody really that much? I think sometimes we forget that caffeine is a drug– and can be harmful if you have too much.

To put a better perspective on the new drink size, The Huffington Post posted this on their website.

What do you think about the new drink size?

Happy Monday!

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