Cookie Disaster

It all started yesterday when I wanted a smoothie and I think it continued on through today. Everything I touched, cooked, baked, etc… turned to disaster! And tonight was no exception.

My sister and my boyfriend wanted cookies. I decided we could have a little treat, so I decided to whip up a batch of cookies using the Nestle Tollhouse recipe on the backside of the bag. Well, as I had learned recently (and this is just too gross, I hope it never happens to you) that when you go to crack an egg, or eggs, for a recipe– crack them in another bowl and not the one with all the ingredients inside!

Yes, this is what happened. Good thing I hadn’t added the chips, or butter! Maybe it was a sign that I should have tried to find a better (and healthier) chocolate chip cookie recipe. If you have one– I’d love for you to share!

My boyfriend came to the rescue, and we tried to fix the recipe. He re-added all the ingredients, we added the extra flour when it was too runny, etc. And then came the first batch…

They were gigantic, flat and ugly.
I was devastated.
My sister was happy.
My boyfriend was both happy and devastated. This had never happened before.

And it only proceeded to get worse. We put the rest of the batter in the fridge as the second batch went into the oven. They came out a little bit better, but not by much. They were still incredibly flat. And ugly. But at least, despite the setbacks, the cookies were delicious!

But then came the last batch. By now, it was 11 p.m., and none of us really cared at this point. And yes, we forgot. We forgot until a strange smell– cookie sweet yet starting to burn– came from the oven.

They were dark dark brown, the apartment smelled of burned cookies, and we called it a night.

I really hope my baking and cooking adventures take a turn for the better tomorrow.

Good night!

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