Cookie Disaster, continued

After the late-night disaster of the previous evening, I was nervous to walk back into the kitchen. I walked over to the stove where the cookies (the ones we’d left in the oven) were laying on the cookie sheet. The cookies had all merged together to become one giant cookie! But there wasn’t enough time to take a photo– I had work to do, so I set it aside, making a mental note to show it off later.

Well, as you can see– there is no image. The cookie mass, which happened to slightly resemble the continental United States, was in my hands, and my boyfriend was getting to take the picture when suddenly– CRASH! The top half of the cookie (from my view, it would have been Washington, Oregon, part of California and Nevada, with some of Montana and Wyoming) fell to the kitchen floor– smashing into hundreds of pieces. Both my boyfriend and I were stunned– the shock that we would never be able to document my disaster was disheartening.

I proceeded to clean it up. And then I decided I wanted a smoothie– so I had to make sure to check the bottom of the blender just in case the first disaster from yesterday happened to occur again. (If you must know, I had wanted a smoothie, placed all the ingredients inside, turned on the blender and it came pouring out the bottom!) My boyfriend noticed, and embarrassed by his laughter, I made my smoothie in silence, poured it in a wine glass and hid in my room.

Then my sister told me I had a frozen banana in the freezer. We took it out, placing it on the table. An hour later, it was beginning to melt, pop open, etc. We threw it away. Disaster #2.

I was too afraid to even begin making dinner– so I decided to let my boyfriend and my sister take me to my birthday dinner. And that, my friends, has been the past two days.

What had gone wrong with my cookies? I finally figured it out! I had used margarine instead of butter, and I had melted it– definitely not a good idea. Hopefully this curse, or whatever it is (lack of sleep, perhaps) will wear off by tomorrow.

Good night and happy Friday everyone!

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