An Untitled Poem from me to you:)

Your eyes sparkle like hidden diamonds,
Coals hidden underneath a thin glass of rain.
You can see the sunshine but the peace in your mind
is jumping off a cliff
with it, you feel a storm rolling in
you’re wondering how many times you need to keep
feeling it —
but before you know it you’re
falling, falling fast
The bridge you thought you’d grounded is breaking.

But look up, little porcelain doll
dry those green eyes,
realize that even airbrushed girls
cry sometimes
feel like you do
when the pressures to feel so perfect become too much
when your happy smile leads to silence
you feel like no one needs to know
what you’re hiding
why you’re always crying
what you’ve got, hon, is something no one can ever change
and you’re brilliant in your
own special way, no matter
how cliche
all of this sounds.

You can’t run away from who you are
Fix the rope, tie your bridge to something that’ll bend with the wind
watch how
you can
survive the stormy nights ahead.

You can watch the tornado of sadness spiral while you walk bravely
and if it becomes too much,
fight one more time
fight for the ones who’ve watched you come so far.

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