A Windy Thursday and free music

Thank you everyone who shared their thoughts about the chocolate+hazelnut combo! I had the most amazing snack yesterday: a Nature’s Valley granola bar topped with some Nutella! It was so delicious and satisfying.

I woke up this morning and I heard a strange noise. Until I looked out my window and huge gust of wind slammed into it! Another windy Thursday– definitely staying inside.

But you know what I love when I turn on my computer in the morning? Well, first I do all the necessary- check my email, check on work, etc. But then I go to one of my favorite magazine’s, Nylon, website, where they sometimes have free music available. And today friends, I got 15 FREE songs through iTunes! I love all the music Nylon gives out for free– and this playlist is a prime example! And I love getting new music, especially when it’s free:) Who doesn’t right?

What kind of music do you love? I enjoy a little bit of everything. My personal favorites are Jewel, Lady Gaga, Incubus, Tennis and He is We, at the moment!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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