National Poetry Month: Poetry Blog 1

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a wonderfully relaxing weekend:)

Today’s post is dedicated to our first poetry blog!

Our first blog comes from my dear friend Ashley Hennefer:) We are former roommates and co-workers for our university’s literature journal, and now I am a columnist/blogger for her new magazine, Wildflower Magazine.

I present to you, Ashley Hennefer!

Brief description of me: I have been a writer since I was a child and am especially fond of writing short stories and poetry. Through my publication work and my love for reading, I am actively immersed in literature on a regular basis. My short story series, the Un- Series, is set to be released at the end of the month and my second poetry book, Girl in a Cage, will be out this summer.
Writing influences: Anais Nin, Francesca Lia Block, zines, ancient literature
Favorite poets: T. S. Eliot, Rumi, e. e. cummings, Sylvia Plath, Sappho, William Carlos Williams
How poetry has effected me: Poetry has shown me how powerful a few words can be, and how one line can so beautifully evoke the human experience.

A snippet of her poetry:

Angry Feminist

Too much
pink and
I’m so damn tired of
that damn color
representing me.
(The only pink I
want is in the
place where you
can’t see it -)

I never identified
with anything but
an aggressive black
or this boring brown
and my neutral green
that surrounds me in
my dreams and is
the color of his eyes.
I always knew a boy
with green eyes would
win my heart.

And yes, you
I will continue to
my injustices
so stop
pouring your
blue all over me

I will always
seek this violent violet;
within the blurred lines
of my identity is where
I’m found

A huge thank-you to Ashley for submitting!

If you’d like to submit, please send me an email at WritingLoveMagic[at] and fill in the following information that was given above!

I feel that by sharing the poetry of others, we can gain an understanding and connection with the people surrounding us everyday– and sometimes, an often and more intimate side that otherwise might be hidden.

Never be afraid to share your personal expression:)

Happy Monday!

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