Hello everyone!

Today was a special day for two reasons: my friends were graduating from university and it was my one year anniversary since I graduated last year! It was a gorgeous day– overcast, no wind, and cool.

Believe in yourself.
Follow your dreams.
“Don’t stop, believing.”

Since being out of school for a year, there have been major ups and downs. I went through what I call “post-graduation” depression,feeling alone and letting negative thinking become my best friend.

But I made it through– and I still believe in those three sayings. I also believe in self-motivation and self-confidence. And because I kept my faith– in God, in love, in myself– I made it through what seemed to be a tough part of life. I know, I know, there will be harder times.

So for all you graduating and wondering where you’re going to go next–take on the world. Live out your dreams. And never, ever, stop believing. 🙂


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