Cloudy Saturday

What a crazy week it was! I cannot believe it is Saturday already.Last week, I received some new assignments from work, so I have been spending most of my time this week getting comfortable with the new, exciting process. I love it– very blessed for the job I have. I wake up each morning feeling excited to begin the day!

I made several fun creations this week, including a batch of S’mores cookies for a BBQ I went to on Monday, several veggie mix-ups or “stir-frys”, homemade granola, quiche, and, for last night’s dinner, I made a mock version of my restaurant favorite, Mimi’s Cafe’s turkey pesto ciabatta. I’ve been trying to limit the amount of eating out I’ve been doing since January, and so far, I haven’t missed it. It’s way too much money and always leaves me feeling overly full.

Anyway, back to the pesto. 🙂
I used this recipe from Meemo’s Kitchen, but with a few changes:

– I used sliced turkey fresh from the deli that I already had in my fridge.
– I didn’t use any bacon.
– I used Swiss cheese instead of mozzarella.
– I used ciabatta rolls instead of a loaf.

And here’s some changes I would make for the next time, to lighten it up a bit:

– Drizzle inside of bread with olive oil and place under broiler to brown, instead of using butter
– Make roasted potatoes and sauteed vegetables instead of fries
– Only make half of a ciabatta roll.

I only managed to eat half of my ciabatta roll last night, and wrapped up the other half to eat for lunch today! I have several leftovers from throughout the week which I think we are going to try and use up today.

This sandwich was amazing! It tasted just like what I would get at Mimi’s, but for a fraction of the price. I will be making this again.

I’m off to go brew some coffee, write a few more letters to friends and family, and make breakfast before going out for a walk and spring cleaning!

Have a great Saturday!

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