A few of my new favorite things

Hello everyone! I’ve been on vacation the past couple weeks in Southern Utah, and it is so hot! I can’t wait to be out of these triple digits.

But tonight, a thunderstorm has rolled in and I’m listening to the wind blow across this desert!

The past few weeks have been full of fun and tons of new experiences. I’ve done loads of shopping, reading and even writing! I have, however, been experiencing a case of blog writer’s block, so tonight, I decided to just combine all the things I’ve wanted to mention into one post!

And away we go!

-Farmer’s Markets. In this area, there’s your typical small town farmer’s market,full of amazing locally grown produce and other goods. However, there is another that is more arts-focused, and two weeks ago I discovered Encantadora Jewelry, and all their amazing earrings! They were beautiful– and I cannot wait to go back this weekend to get more! Each pair I bought was a great price and had so much character. If I had a camera, I’d post photos.

-Local restaurants. Last night, we tried this new restaurant called Mad Pita Express. It was amazing– the food came out quick, piping hot, and full of flavor. I would recommend this place to everyone who visits this area, because the food is so delicious, it’s worth the trip! The pricing wasn’t bad at all– and the amount of food that came with our meal left my boyfriend and I happily full. I had a meatball pita, while my boyfriend had the falafel pita. Each pita was amazing– my meatballs were cooked perfectly, and the tomato sauce had wonderful spice and heat. Each pita came with Mediterranean fries, and then I bought baklava. If you’ve never had baklava, I suggest going out and getting some, or making some of your own. The baklava last night was incredibly rich, but not overly sweet. It was a great way to end the meal. I cannot wait to visit this place again, hopefully before we leave.

-Pizza Margherita. Now, I’m sure most of you know that I love this pizza. However, I’ve never had a tomato fresh from a garden. I haven’t ever been a big fan of tomatoes, until now. The tomatoes and basil for this pizza we made were both fresh from the garden, and absolutely to die for. The tomatoes were actually sweet! I’m in love with them now.

-Grilled Pineapple. Looking for something new, and not being a huge fan of pineapple either, I had to try this with my turkey burger tonight! I think grilled pineapple would also be amazing on a vegetable pizza, which I plan on making tomorrow night.

And the last few things aren’t really related to the area where we’re staying, or even related to food!

Since I’ve been able to do some shopping, I’ve bought a few new makeup and hair care products. It’s amazing how much it boosts my mood to simply change up a few things, such as buying a new eye shadow or nail polish.

What amazing new things have you tried this summer? What are some of your favorite makeup products that make you feel fabulous?

Happy Wednesday and goodnight– I’m off to go back outside and check out that storm!


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