Moving and Migraines

Hello everyone! I’ve been really silent lately, even though I’ve had a bunch of ideas for posts! I hope you all have been doing well.

I’m getting ready to move into a new apartment, and even know it’s annoying to have to pack up everything to move to another place, it’s a good time to look at all the stuff I’ve accumulated over the years and be able to get rid of some of it. I love the feeling of letting go of the old to make room for the new– especially when it involves jewelry, books and clothes, right? 😉

Moving is also a time that always involves me reflecting on the past year, or months, I’ve lived in the place, and where I’m going next. It always feels like a breath of fresh air to move, to let go, and to start a new chapter.

And lately, that’s how I’ve been feeling. I’ve been in a slump and I feel dull. This is when moving, especially moving, makes me jumpstart into something new and exciting.

Do you enjoy moving, or have similar feelings about it as I do? What’s the best part about moving to a new place?

I’m off to go and find an ibuprofen and get some coffee! Have a great Wednesday!


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