Battling My Insecurities, Part One

When I started this blog, I had every intention to write every single night, a new and exciting post that I knew would have you jumping up and down with excitement. I was relatively new to the blog world, especially that of healthy living/food blogs.

You see, I felt ashamed and insecure, and not strong, in my writing about food. It was new to me, something I’d never thought about, or written about, before. But I wanted to share the new feeling I had toward food– not just about how I felt in the kitchen, but how it reflects who I am.

But then doubt crept in and got the best of me. I admit, after scrolling through several different blogs, I noticed similarities that I didn’t have, and wanted to just give up.

But then, I decided to get over it.

Because, you see, creativity doesn’t need to follow a pattern. Sure, it might have similarities, but the point of sharing your thoughts with the world is not so others can do the same identical thing. It’s to share with others your stories, your twists and turns and thoughts on the world, as you see it. If it happens to be similar? Who cares. You are who you are. No requirements necessary.

So the point of this blog?

I love food, and the feeling I get when I make things from scratch. How when something goes wrong with a recipe, and I get frustrated with no idea of how to get it right, it reminds me of myself.

Of how I feel when I’ve written my heart out, felt I put together and figured out all the pieces, only to crumble down again.

And how each time, with a little tweak of the recipe, something magical can happen. It comes out right, but not perfect. But just right, for the moment.

I heard a great quote once that said “we’re all works in progress.” What a beautiful way to look at it.

Like learning how to decorate a cupcake, or rolling out dough for the first time.

I wish you all a great Tuesday– and encourage you to battle your self-doubt and insecurities and watch as the magic unfolds. I’ll be adding to this series, because I feel that as I battle my own, I would love to hear your thoughts, stories, ideas and questions.

I’m by no means a professional, just a girl in the world trying to live a little bit happier and sharing her thoughts.


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