A Week of Recipes

Hey everyone! I thought I’d share with you some of my fantastic recipes I made this week! Most of them came from one of my new favorite websites: Eatingwell.com, along with a variety of other blogs.

I just love making new things– don’t you?

And it doesn’t have to be elaborate– I promise, some of the recipes I’m going to show you may have fancy names but believe me, they’re easy to make!

First, I had my first date. And no, not the dinner and a movie kind. The nature’s candy kind! And what did I do with said dates? I made my first batch of homemade Lara-esque bars! And believe me, they were divine.

I found this recipe over at Chocolate Covered Katie (a fantastic healthy dessert blog– I seriously am in love with these recipes!) and it was FANTASTIC. So good, and rich with the coconut. I could have eaten the whole batch, but I made sure to share;)

Then, I made a batch of these chocolate chunk bars from Oh She Glows, and once again, was in heaven.

And for dinner, I made:
Monday: Vegetarian taco salad
Wednesday: Ravioli with Arugula
Thursday: Caramelized onion and white bean flatbread (pizza)

I honestly couldn’t remember what we ate on Tuesday, but I know loved every recipe! I have such a stack of recipes in my bedroom that I really need to organize…

Anyway. What I did was, after finding a ton of recipes, I narrowed them down to ingredients we already had, or ingredients that were similar in each recipe. Then, I made a grocery list and stocked up on all the ingredients for the week. It was such a relief to have an idea each night of what we were making.

I cannot wait to make out another week of recipes this Sunday, or well, maybe today even! Who knows.

I’ve read recently about meal planning, and wanted to try it myself. And I loved it! So tell me: have you ever tried, or do, plan out your meals ahead of time?

Comment below or send me an email at: writinglovemagic[at]gmail.com

Happy Friday!


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