Battling Insecurities, Pt 2: Grace

I have to understand that my insecurities make me imperfect.
That there is no perfect person.
And no matter how hard I try, I cannot ever be perfect or make everyone happy.

I wanted to share with you a series of beautiful things I’ve read and heard recently:

A mantra: “I am beautiful. And I want to share it with the world.”
A picture, shared from Vitamin G
A saying: “I love you. You have not failed.”
And a reminder: ” I am with you, always.”

When I feel insecure, I will fall back on these sayings and pictures. I will look in the mirror and believe that I am okay. That I am who I am, and that I can only do what I can.

Beauty is something that makes me insecure. Trying to find it, when I don’t think it’s ever been lost- just pushed aside.

But I will move forward and look in the mirror– tell myself these sayings, print these pictures and look at them till I believe it. I will pray for a willingness to not beat myself up when I cannot get everything I need to done. I will strive to understand grace, and give myself a break.

I hope you will too.

Happy Thursday!


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