A Start to the Week

Here’s what made me smile today:

Yesterday, I set out to the grocery store with a list of the week’s recipes in hand. I bought what I needed, plus chocolate, of course, which goes without being said.

Today, I woke up to a gray sky and smell of rain. Clouds immediately, for some reason, wake me up and I feel energized all day.

The clouds, plus my week’s recipes, kept me going today.

So, here’s the list:

Monday: Gnocchi with pesto and steamed veggies (this was tonight’s dinner, yum!)
Tuesday: Stir fry (chick peas, rice, bell peppers, frozen stir fry veggies)
Wednesday: Minestrone soup (from scratch!)
Thursday: Crepes with spinach, Italian chicken and sauteed mushrooms
Friday: Pasta tossed with veggies (I like to have tomatoes, basil, olive oil, a bit of Parmesan and some olives)
Saturday is my free day: I have a couple options for this one! I really have been wanting to try these black bean burgers from Oh She Glows, or make a homemade spinach pizza. What would you have?

I wanted to make sure to have fun with these recipes! During the week, I search for cheap, easy recipes that are delicious, colorful and full of flavor. I love spending the week searching for new and fun recipes that have similar ingredients as well (such as frozen veggies, pasta for the soup and for the pasta dish later in the week), so I don’t spend extra money.

What do you think of these recipes? What would you add, or take away? Do you shop with a list?

I hope everyone had a fabulous Monday– and remember the things that make you smile for this Tuesday:)


2 thoughts on “A Start to the Week

    • Ashley says:

      I think we’ve made a version of it before– we basically took a bunch of veggies we needed to use up, and put them all in with some veggie broth and crushed tomatoes! I’ll try and post a recipe soon!

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