Fall Faves

Evening, everyone! I’ve noticed “fall faves” popping up all over the Web, so I thought I’d share a collection of beautiful fall things that put a smile on my face.

Today, while at the store purchasing soup and other cold-remedy supplies, I also bought:

– Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark hot chocolate packets
– Land O Lakes Mint Chocolate hot chocolate packets
– Apple cider
– Christmas cards
– Pecan Pie scented candle

Can you tell that I’m ready for the fall/winter season?

Tonight, I’m drinking a cup of Cinnamon Apple Spice tea. I had Pumpkin Spice tea for breakfast.

For the weekend, I’m planning on making these: apple cider floats.

I have a collection of soup recipes I’m dying to try out, and two large cans of pumpkin calling my name.
And the other night, I saw one of the trees in our area changing to red.

What about fall makes you smile?

Happy fall!


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