Don’t Worry, It’s Just the Insomnia Talking

you amaze me.
Because I can never seem to find you
at the right time when my eyes are droopy
and the book I’m reading starts to fall toward my face

and then I realize that I need a sip of water,
a quick trip to the restroom
and suddenly I feel like I could clean my room–
just a little vacuuming
or maybe even a blog post.

You see?
You see that I miss you right?
Not even melatonin gets it….
it still leaves me awake at night

but I guess one day we’ll meet again someday
my sweet, dear, runaway friend.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend– any good plans? I think mine is going to be getting some shut-eye, and making something with a fresh pumpkin. Pie? Soup? So many options!

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