I am supposed to be up early to make pecan pie. I’m cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner, with help from my mom.

But what happens? I can’t sleep.

Nothing new.

I love Thanksgiving. We celebrate, as Nigella Lawson said on a recent episode of ABC’s The Chew, we “celebrate having the ability to feast with a feast.” And we all celebrate so differently– with friends, family, near and far from home. We help give to those who might not have as much, and we offer our homes as places to come and feel accepted. I love that spirit of Thanksgiving. Of thanks, in general.

Be thankful for every day- every laugh, smile, phone call, letter, email, text, or anything else that makes you thankful for a person’s being in your life. For the blessings in your life- big and small.

And especially for mashed potatoes, football and being able to listen to holiday music without weird glances from family and friends.

But in all seriousness, give thanks today. And share what you’re thankful for!

Now to get some kind of sleep….

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