Baking Frenzy

When I’m stressed, not feeling well, or down in the dumps, I tend to take to the kitchen with a new (and sweet) craving for testing a new recipe. Tonight, I promised my youngest sister some of these chocolate peanut butter cookies for our dinner tomorrow night.

And as promised, I made them. And tasted them. And my gosh, were they amazing!

But it didn’t stop there– I decided I was still not satisfied enough so I pulled up this recipe for a pumpkin loaf, and made that too!

Finally, an hour or so later, I felt satisfied enough to sit down and enjoy catching up on some T.V. I missed out on the past week while visiting at home.

A relaxing Tuesday night, I might say. I feel like I might be catching a cold but *fingers crossed* hopefully I just need some good sleep to make this stuffy nose, cough and scratchy throat go away.

When you are stressed, or blue, what do you do?

(Maybe write some awful poetry, like I did, just now?)

Have a great Tuesday night and keep smiling:)


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