5 Minutes to Chocolate Cake Bliss

Hello everyone!

This afternoon, I needed a pick-me-up and all I wanted was chocolate cake.

Ever heard of the chocolate mug cake? Well, if you haven’t, you’ve been deprived.

I didn’t want to put any egg or milk in it, so I went on a search for a different kind than the recipe I already had.

The one I found and decided to use was over at Soychick.

Here were my changes to the recipe:
– I made it extra gooey and delicious by adding a dark chocolate truffle into the batter before I microwaved it. It was like a molten lava cake!

-I added slivered almonds to give it an extra crunch.

What I would do the next time I make it is add a bit of cinnamon- I think it would give it a more rounded flavor and go nicely with the almonds.


What’s your favorite “made in a flash” sweet treat?

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