Daily Discovery…

Hi everyone!

I’ve seen the “Kristen Bell Sloth Meltdown” video floating around the internet, and I had the chance to watch it yesterday. Absolutely hilarious- and I think you’ll like it too!

Apart from dying of laughter, I couldn’t help but smile— because that’s exactly how I felt when I met my pug for the first time. I promised myself that I wouldn’t freak out, but the moment I saw her, I screamed, and ran right at her. I understand why my pug was fairly standoffish, at first.
So, here we go- take a moment, watch Kristen Bell have a sloth meltdown, and tell me- what would make you freak out like this? Connecting with an old friend? A new dress? An animal? I’d love to know!

Happy early Groundhog’s Day! Do you want him to see his shadow?;)

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