Battling Insecurities, Part 3: Finding Calm

Today is the day after Valentine’s Day.
It’s still early on in the college semester- but your work load is probably building up.
If you’re graduating, you might be worried about your future.
You might have lost someone you loved.

There are many reasons why we can feel shaken, or strained. Scared or just plain sad.

Many of you have, at one time or another, expressed to me feeling this way, and I felt inspired to write this for you.

So tonight, I wanted to write a little bit about finding a place of calm. A place of content.

I woke up this morning at 2:15 a.m., and the first thing I noticed, after questioning whether or not it truly was that early in the morning, was the brightness in my room. Normally, it is fairly dark in my bedroom, save for a few lights on outside, but this was brighter than normal (which is why I felt that it was much later, like six a.m.). I tried to get a glance out my window and noticed it was white.

“A snowstorm!” I thought.

Still unable to sleep, I logged onto Facebook and began scrolling through our local news station’s feed. Sure enough, everyone was talking about it, even at this time in the morning.

Finally, I took a long look out the window and watched the snow fall. It was beautiful. It looked peaceful, simply falling and sticking to the ground below. And it was quiet.

Have you ever felt that way in your life? Restless, shaken, stressed, or even uneasy, and all you want is a little quiet? A little calm, to try and figure life out- or just time to relax and make a good meal.

Whenever you feel this way, think of something that takes you away from it all, and into a place of calm. Maybe it’s a good book, a song, or thinking about a snowstorm.

Then a moment will come that wipes all the bad away, and strikes in you a sense of calm. That it will all be OK.

That to me, is watching the snow fall, watching my cute pug sleeping, reading a good book, journaling, praying. These are the things I do when I feel like life is out of control.

I hope all of you can feel inspired to find that place where you can lay all your stress, worries and cares out on the table, and walk away from them for awhile.

Have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday evening, and tell me: Where it is you go, when you want to be calm?

4 thoughts on “Battling Insecurities, Part 3: Finding Calm

  1. Reichal Winn says:

    When I was younger and I needed a place to be calm I would pick up my violin and just start playing. At first I would play the classical pieces that I was working on but then I noticed that I could play my emotions. Not sure if that makes sense so let me explain: If I was mad I could really saw away at the strings almost doing a hoedown, if I was sad I would play a soft song.
    Now days it is not as convenient to grab the violin and play although I do play it still from time to time. Now if I need to destress or calm down I grab the ear buds and turn on the ipod. Either way music has always been my escape and will always continue to be.

    • Ashley says:

      I completely understand, and thank you for sharing. It’s beautiful to know there are places we can go to truly express ourselves, especially when words might not truly express how we feel!

  2. Shari says:

    I love this. Physically, my calm place is somewhere seaside. Since that’s an hour and a half away, though, I usually go for somewhere more figurative – my writing. Losing myself in it brings me a peace and inspiration beyond words.

    Also: so jealous of your snow. We’ve barely had any this winter!

    • Ashley says:

      Thank you for comments- it is so nice to hear! Like you- I love the ocean, even though I rarely go. I paint an image in my mind though of a beach my family stopped along the Oregon Coast- there was a lighthouse on the cliff, and below the fog was rising from the ocean. So beautiful! I love your writing too- and I agree with you- losing yourself in it can bring so much peace!

      The snow was so nice! It didn’t last long… but it stuck for a whole day! 🙂

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