Daily Discovery… Chocolate Cream Cheese

Have you ever heard of the stuff?

I recently read about it in a Food Network magazine, and spotted it in the store last night. As my hands reached out to pick up the dark chocolate version, I knew without a doubt it was going to change my life.

I’m not kidding.

OK, maybe I’m kidding a little.

But only a little.

And let me tell you: the dark chocolate cream cheese is decadent. Sinful. Heavenly. Basically, take your favorite food in the entire world and think about how it makes you feel: and that is how it made me feel.

It tastes very much like a less-sweet version of chocolate frosting. The dark chocolate is sweet but kept to a nice balance with the tang of the cream cheese. However, the chocolate isn’t overbearing- and the cream cheese, I felt,was similar to its “whipped” versions, slightly light and airy.

This morning, I decided to try it on a cinnamon raisin bagel. It was perfect. It tasted even better paired with a nice cup of piping hot coffee, with a spoonful of sugar and milk.

When you decide to indulge for breakfast, what kind of breakfast do you make?

Happy Monday!

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