Daily Discovery: Adorable Robot Jewelry

I haven’t done a Daily Discovery post in quite awhile, but today I thought I’d share these adorable pieces of jewelry:


The pieces are made by musical artist Dia Frampton’s sister, Meg.
My personal favorite is the robot necklace with the umbrella. I love the Tim Burton-eqsue feel to it. It would be an adorable statement piece.

I’ve always been intrigued by those who make their own jewelry. Believe me, I’ve tried. I once made a pair of earrings with some thread and colorful buttons- and while they look OK, I’m not sure I should ever try to make anything to give away. I’ll leave that to the pros.

Speaking of jewelry, I’ve recently begun watching Bones, via Netflix. And one observation I’ve made is the gorgeous jewelry, most notably earrings, that Dr. Brennan wears. I love funky earrings- or just earrings that add a splash of sparkle, sass or color to an outfit. I feel that you don’t really have to go out to buy new clothes- just buy new accessories! And while I adore clothes shopping, I have to say that I go a bit crazy when it comes to accessories, and mostly earrings.

What kind of jewelry do you enjoy wearing? Is there a piece that you always wear?

Whenever I’m feeling low, or nervous, I wear a necklace my littlest sister gave me for Christmas, with a ring that I looped onto the chain that has my birthstone, along with hers and my middle sister’s. I feel a bit stronger knowing that if they can’t be with me, I have a piece of them.

Happy Sunday!


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