Days 5 and 6 of Poetry Challenge

Hi everyone! I’m taking a moment to catch up and share today and yesterday’s poems for the poetry challenge.

If I lived in the forest I’d be scared of twilight
because when that moon rises, I can barely see it
and it’s so dark, so dark, that I feel suffocated
isolated, a deer– the target–and
though he sleeps in the bed beside me,
it is quiet, too quiet, and I’m
afraid of hearing your voice
dancing through the trees
my cottage isn’t built for three
But walls mean nothing to you.


Time was not kind before he knew it– it had gone
and fighting to get it back
he realized
no time machines exist here
time only continues to move
one direction,
only memories living in the past
in the pages of a book
in photographs on smartphones
but time keeps moving on
and the fight keeps going on
we keep moving on.

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