Poetry Challenge: 9 and10



Stepping out onto my front porch
the trees are swaying, leaves are falling
I can feel the change in the air
the arrival of fall
Father comes home with the pumpkin
and we carve

School is unnerving
I cannot stay here
I wish to be out in the forest in your backyard
carving our own pumpkins
and thinking of costumes
and tricks to plan instead of treats

I fold the white piece of paper and pass it to you
the teacher sends me to the principal’s office
she doesn’t understand
that the air is changing
our youth is waiting
for us to go outside and play.

#10 June and Arthur

Our love was full of youth
and I want to grow old with you– I imagine
watching the children dance and sing and grow
and leave home and make their own lives and
watch how our own hair turns gray
and we acculumate all the things that
make our lives complete
but really, it isn’t the things at all
it isn’t in the songs, or the journals
I keep under my bed
one day, when we look back on those days
we will remember
that we were meant to be
a part of it.

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