Poetry Challenge Day 11

We were meant to dance among stars and gather secrets to take home with us
you arrived in the middle of the night, a storm
a dark storm
a storm I’d never seen before
all I wanted was to follow your happily-ever-after voice, soothing as I
to you tell me your past, as I share with you mine–

you taught me to listen to the stars
their tears, their music, their pain
I felt the universe weeping
and all I wanted to see were planets dancing among them
simple spheres in the sky

I try to tell my mother but
all she says is
is nothing but night”
but you provide the magic I need
to prevent myself from bleeding
inside, on the outside, in the middle of the night
you make me understand that time travel is nothing
without you– the only thing
I want more than you
is the light
in your eyes
when you tell me the universe only weeps
because it is lonely

we are drifting along
no gravity
listening to their secrets.

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