Poetry Challenge: Days 13 through 15

Crimson is the color of my blood that the ice queen wants to take from me
she wants to remove my sadness and give
me something special instead
I think it’s Turkish delight but all that
is fantasy and I cannot breathe
because, is it,
getting colder in here?
My blood is white,
dripping with ice crystals
in front of her
my queen
dangling my sadness
in front of me
like it’s hers to take away.


Sleep, where have you gone and why
are you not coming back?
I need you now, my eyes are too red
and my heartbeat slow–
my eyes are slipping,
I cannot see properly.

You know this cannot last forever,
nightlights and goblins and monsters under my
when I sleep, it never arrives
I toss and turn and pray to make the demons
run away
but love is more powerful than my insomnia
and I know one day
when I sleep
I will be next to you
and the monsters will watch, before growing bored
and leaving.


Liquid ink, black as darkness
midnight, starlight
drips off the brush,
searching for vibrancy
my canvas, a skeleton,
waits for color.

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