Daily Discovery: Makeup YouTube Channel

Hi, everyone!

Today’s Daily Discovery is all about… makeup. 🙂

I recently discovered Cassandra Bankson’s YouTube Channel, Diamondsandheels14 ,about a week ago and I love her videos. The reason why it’s an ingredient to my life’s recipe? I can’t help but smile when I’m watching her videos and seeing how happy and passionate it she is about what she does to help others.

Her videos are inspiring, positive, and worth watching.

In fact, it’s helped re-inspire me to get creative with my makeup. I’ve always loved makeup and I love to play around with it and play up my features. (I love my eyes- they’re my favorite feature.)

Anyway, if you love makeup, and as she says “if you like being happy,” check out her channel. I also love HelloGiggles’ Nails of the Day posts (especially the adorable tuxedo nails inspired by Zooey Deschanel).

Have a wonderful Wednesday night!


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