Linzer Cookies, Take Two

Hi, everyone! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. My personal favorite Thanksgiving dish is the stuffing (or dressing), which we still have plenty of. 🙂

Anyway, tonight we decided to make Christmas cookies. We try to make these each year. Tonight we had a bit more fun than normal and made different colored frosting and used tons of sprinkles.

The other day I wrote about Linzer cookies. Tonight, I made a batch and they were great! I used strawberry jam, and I made the cut-out cookies with the same sugar cookie batter my mom used for the cut-out sugar cookies. I’ve found variations on the basic cookie recipe, including shortbread, almond shortbread, and even pistachio! I kept with the basic sugar cookie recipe though, and my dad says they were a huge hit.

They’re different than I had expected. They’re not as sweet, but you get a burst of sweetness from the jam and dusting of powdered sugar. I preferred them not being as sweet as I had anticipated.

I would share photos but my phone is acting crazy. Every time I turn on the camera, it freezes. Oy.

However, here’s a picture of my pug in front of my parents’ Christmas tree:

I discovered that she is afraid of the tree. Poor thing.

So, if you’ve been thinking of trying these sandwich cookies, I’d give them a shot! They’re definitely worth trying.

Have a great night!


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