Remember Your Blessings

Remember to count your blessings, every day. No matter how small, they are still blessings. This week is a special one; tomorrow is Good Friday. I haven’t been feeling the best all week. I’ve been slow-moving and incredibly tired for no good reason. I’ve slept a lot and woken up not feeling rested. But then I remember what I believe, what God did for me, and how He’s an active participant in guiding my life. I’ve been listening to Gabrielle Bernstein’s en*theos May Cause Miracles conference, and the main points I’ve been taking from the series of interviews is to never give up, because you are here for a purpose. Every where I go I hear this same message: You are loved and worth it. And sometimes, we lose sight of that. And that’s why you need gratitude lists, prayers of thanks, and countings of blessings. And that love, above all, is the most important. Love conquers all.

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