Spring Crepes

One of my favorite meals involves crepes. Delicious, buttery crepes. Usually, my sister bakes chicken with Italian seasoning and I cook up the crepes and some mushrooms (for my boyfriend, who doesn’t eat meat). We fill the crepes with the chicken and spinach, along with mozzarella cheese.

Tonight, I didn’t want the chicken, so I tried an all-veggie crepe. I cooked up a few spears of asparagus with a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil. As I began to fill my crepe, I considered (for a second) whether or not to put mushrooms in the crepe as well. I decided against it. Sitting down, surrounded by my family (my sister and her boyfriend came over too), we laughed and swapped stories about our day, even if it was a short dinner. I enjoyed a delicious, rich, and spring-like vegetable crepe.

What’s the point of this story?

I was happy. It wasn’t the crepes. It wasn’t the veggies. It was enjoying such a great meal with people who love you.

Why did I share?

Because I want to know what “little things” made you happy today.

Keep on smilin’,


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