The Power of Soup and Rest

Tuesday of last week started off great, but somewhere in the afternoon I began to feel off somehow. My energy was down, I was aching everywhere, and I had a headache accompanied with sinus pressure. Wednesday morning, I felt worse. I immediately decided to focus on self-care. I kept telling myself “no, you’re not going to get sick” and took it easy.

I drank tons of my favorite tea, took a walk outside and took in the fresh air, and made sure to have a nice big bowl of soup. The rest of the night, I laid on the couch next to my pug and finished a Christmas film I had started earlier. Holiday films or my favorite movie, “Because I Said So,” will put me into a more willing mood to sit and rest. By ten o’clock last night, I was in my room turning off the lights and crawling into bed.

Wednesday morning, I felt much better. My nose was still stuffy and I still felt achy, but not half as much as I did the day before. I believe what I did Tuesday (and I continued this into the weekend) worked. I took the time I needed to slow down and really feel how I was feeling. I did what was necessary to rest. I even disconnected a bit and made time to go outside into the fall air and go for a walk.

Practicing rest is important to keep our mind, body, and spirit in tip-top shape. Do a quick inventory: what could you do right now, or this week, that could help you practice rest?

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