Tara Stiles’ “Make Your Own Rules Diet” is a Journey You’ll Want to Take


First, I just want to say how honored and excited I am to be able to share the following book review for Tara Stiles’ “Make Your Own Rules Diet.” I was shocked and surprised when I got chosen to write a review on my blog. I hope you all enjoy, and a huge thank-you to Tara!

When I first saw a shirt with “Make Your Own Rules” on it, it changed the way I looked at myself. It was when I first discovered Tara through the television show with Tia Mowry, where Tia decides she wants to make a yoga video with Tara. I bought both DVDs. Then I found Tara’s YouTube channel, and instantly connected with the way she taught yoga. She made it accessible. She encouraged me to “make my own rules.” No one is the same–and we shouldn’t be forced to comply with rules that just aren’t fit for us. The way Tara guides you through yoga–encouraging you to do what feels good, to connect with your breath, and to forget forcing yourself into poses– made me change the way I looked at yoga, fitness, and even cooking. It didn’t surprise me when she announced that she was releasing a book about food– her “Tara Eats” videos and Tumblr blog recipes were just as easy and accessible as the yoga she’d guide me through on Youtube.

If you haven’t heard of Tara Stiles, the one thing you’ll immediately notice is that she’s all about ease, and it’s no surprise that this is the theme for “Make Your Own Rules Diet.” Tara’s not going to force you into anything. As she says in the book, her mission is for her and us to “go on a space-making journey together. We’ll cast aside the rules that other people have laid out; you’ll learn how to tap into your intuition to create rules that work for you. And because this is all about you, you’re in charge. I’ll simply be your guide.”

I love the way the book is laid out, with Tara separating “Make Your Own Rules Diet” into three parts that begins, not surprisingly, on the yoga mat, winds its way through meditation, and finally, makes its way into the kitchen.

From downward dogs and easy breathing to your cupboards and kitchen counter, you certainly don’t want to miss this journey that Tara has mapped out. Throughout “Make Your Own Rules Diet,” Tara proves over and over again how simple yoga, meditation, and cooking healthily can be.

Simple cooking is already great cooking to me, and Tara’s recipes are so delicious and vibrant in color that you’ll want to make them again and again. One example is “The Swamp,” a brilliantly green smoothie that is sure to leave you glowing, full of energy, and ready to take on the morning. If you find yourself often reaching for a not-so-great afternoon snack, then whip up a batch of her Granola, with an added twist that I adore: sour cherries. They add a perfect sour punch that’s sure to get you out of any 3 p.m. slumps or hangry (hungry+angry) attacks.

And perfect for the upcoming fall season in which “Make Your Own Rules Diet” is being released, the Roasted Acorn Squash Soup is sure to warm you up during the colder evenings and shorter days. I’ve fallen in love with soup over the years, so I cannot wait to make this one.

The “Make Your Own Rules Diet” journey will be worth it. I encourage you to pre-order “Make Your Own Rules Diet” before it hits bookstores in November, because you’ll want your hands on it as soon as possible. As a thank-you from Tara for pre-ordering the book, you’ll get the fantastic “Wake Up” yoga download and other cool gifts. You can pre-order the book and get your free gifts by going here.

You can follow Tara’s inspirational updates about yoga, travel, food, life, and more on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Make sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel for great yoga videos, and head over to her website for her weekly updates, recipes, and other happenings.

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