Staring at the Stars

I love living in the city. I love the amentities; I love not having to drive to a larger town for things such as going to the mall. I love that there’s always something to do if you search for it.

But there’s one thing missing that I forget about from time to time: the stars. The gorgeous, twinkling, and yet so mysterious lights in the sky. The city lights, though I love them, take over for the stars. The neon lights, traffic lights, car lights, take their place. Instead of looking at the sky, we look out over the city and all of its twinkly lights.

And while it’s beautiful, sometimes it feels great to find that wide, dark, and open space where you can find the stars and look up instead of out.

When I feel nervous or anxious, I go outside. I take a deep breath and instead of looking out, I try to look at the sky instead. It puts everything in perspective.

In the city, you don’t see the stars much. You might see some, and you might forget how many there actually are.

Here, in my hometown, I remember the stars. I can stare up at the vast darkness dotted with twinkling lights and really remember what it’s like to see so many. It makes me wonder how I could ever choose the city over the beauty of that vast dark sky. It makes me wonder how big our world, our universe, that space really is. It makes me wonder why I ever do anything else at night other than just stare at them.

Remember the stars. Remember to look at them once in awhile. Remember to take it all in.

If you can’t see the stars where you are, search them out. Take a friend, or two, or three.

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