Published Work

Aside from writing this blog, I write a variety of other things. I have written for newspapers, magazines, and a lifestyle column, along with an assortment of other online writing.
I thought I’d share links to some of my work. Thanks for checking it out!

Lifestyle Column, Wildflower Magazine

Main website:

Lemony Lemon Cookies
Falling For Fall
That Sleep Thing
Who Says?
Sisterhood and Fellowship
F#@% Off, I’m Fabulous
An Ode to Spring
Thoughts on the New Year (2011)

Online Articles

Show Me Your Errors: Songs and Movies

“Hale” vs “Hail”

Bind Versus Bond

Where to find the Answers to Your Grammar Questions,

Are You Interurban?

Secrets To Making Quick Breads,

How to Paint a Room Brown and Blue,

Poems and other writing:

Brushfire Literary Arts Journal

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