Burning Candles, Early Mornings

Burning_Candles_Wallpaper_zi3hcIn the soft glow of the morning, I light one of my three candles sitting on my desk. I pull out my journal, begin to write, or just close my eyes and sit in stillness. The quiet of the morning appeals to me now, though just a few years ago the thought of getting up early for anything would have seemed impossible. And to enjoy it? Not a chance.

But now I love my early mornings, where I can get up calmly, relax, and linger. I can ease in to my work day with joy and gratitude.

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately about living with ease (thank you, Tara Stiles). How we can create the right amount of space in our lives for the things to make us live with ease if we want too. The only thing stopping us? Being willing. So many times, we want things without being fully committed to being willing to do them.

I’ve made space in my morning to start it quietly, rather than rushing around, because that’s what I find lifts my spirits, eases me into my work, and opens me up to feeling grateful, loved, and worth it.

What space do you need to make in your day to day life that could help you live more at ease?

Burning Candles Wallpaper image from here.