A Pug and Her Dinner

Happy Friday everyone!For some Friday cuteness, here’s a video my sister took of my pug on the way home from her walk and about to eat dinner. (She runs funny because she has a back disease so she doesn’t have much control of her back legs.)
However, that doesn’t stop her. And we should all feel this excited to eat dinner. Eat good food, with good company, and a tiny furry audience. (I’m looking at you, Jax and Elsa.)

Speaking of dinner, tonight’s main dish was amazing. We had BLTAs. (That, my friend, is a bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado sandwich.)

Sending love….

from me to you. On Friday the 13th- in case you need it;) Just kidding, of course.

What about your day made you smile?

I made an awesome stir fry for dinner, my first teriyaki chicken ever, and witnessed my pug acting like a huge goof before sneezing in my face.

Oh, and I discovered You Me and Charlie– another great site I know I’ll be addicted too.

I saw this great pic over at LaurenConrad.com and thought I’d share here for some inspiration and smiles:

(also found here: )
So cute, right? And true, of course.

Happy weekend!