Beautiful You: Ways to Stay out of the Fear Zone

When you trap fears inside your head and you never release them, those fears are only going to grow more powerful and strong. They’ll take hold of you and, probably without knowing you’re even doing it, you’ll take root in them.

Disclaimer: These are not medical opinions, but my own. I am not a doctor. These are the things that I’ve practiced and realize help me.

But you don’t have too. When you’re trapped inside the fear-space (or “the fear zone”) in your head, here are a few ways to snap back to the present:

1. Kick the icky feeling by looking at something in front of you: your dog, a friend, grass outside the window, a flower, or a new tab on your computer, or refocus on what you’re trying to work on.
2. If you have the chance, I like what Gabrielle Bernstein suggests: write it down. Really think about where you were traveling off to in fear-land. Write down those thoughts. What Gabrielle suggests is to then change the fear into something positive.
3. Do a downward dog. Yoga has completely changed my life when it comes to coming back to the present and releasing fears. If you are able to, turn on a short yoga video, do a couple of stretches, or simply stand up. This gives you the chance to do something different; you’ll be able to change your thought pattern. (If you’re looking for a yoga teacher, I always suggest going to Tara Stiles’ yoga channel.
4. Say it out loud. Whether you believe in God or not, say your fears out loud. I like to pray. And then I try to meditate afterward, or simply focus on taking a few deep breaths. I also like to pull out my Bible and read a few quotes of Scripture that ease my worries, or I grab my small notebook of encouraging and uplifting quotes from people I admire.
5. Take a deep breath. Speaking of taking deep breaths, just taking one can change your whole mindset. Often and without knowing it, we’ll begin to breathe shallowly. This can lead to anxiety or panic attacks, or just an overall feeling of nervousness. Sit up straight and take a slow, deep breath. Then see how you feel afterward.
6. Drink a cold glass of water. The refreshing coolness will help wake you up and drag you out of that fear way of thinking. And sometimes, the nervousness I feel just goes away after drinking a glass of cold water.

I hope these tips will help you be able to release your fears (or being trapped inside future-tripping fear thoughts) and return yourself to the present, so you can live fully and happily.

Beautiful You: Facing Fear

What is fear, and how do you face it? I came across this article while reading Self magazine about two weeks ago, and wanted to share two of the tips, which can be found here.

Fear is defined as “a reason for dread or apprehension,” among other things, according to the American Heritage Dictionary. By dreading something, whether it be an event or confrontation with someone, you might begin to feel anxiety and want to make a run for it. But wait! Don’t run yet. Wait a minute.

I’ve felt this way before, especially back in college right before a big test. My weakness was math, and I was always afraid of taking math tests. On math test day, I’d be on edge. I wouldn’t sleep well the night before. I was scared.

But one day, I gave in. I admitted that I’d been doing my best and whatever outcome would be OK with me because I couldn’t handle the fear holding me back anymore. I admitted to myself that I was scared and then worked my way through the fear to the other side. And even though I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped every time, I’d felt proud because I’d conquered my fear.

One more tip that isn’t on here that I wish was is to change your perspective. Last year, when I was reading “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” one of the tips included in the book was to imagine that all the people and events stressing you out were trying to teach you something. By changing your perspective and opening your mind to consider that these people and events are trying to teach you something, you might find yourself less scared to face them.

To sum up, remember that when facing your fears to: change your perspective, remember that being scared is OK and the anticipation will be the worst part.

What other tips have you been taught, given, or created yourself to help face your fears? I’d love it if you shared in the comments below. Have a great night!