Winter Ghosts

When the leaves are changing and the wind blows
cold and the storm clouds pile up on the horizon,
I will remember the warmth of summer nights and
the look in your eyes when I said we’d last forever
under a blanket of stars and planets and pale

When the snow starts falling and the festivity starts,
I will remember how it was when I was with you, making
snowmen and kissing under the mistletoe and
the look in your eyes when you said we’d last forever
on a frostbitten nights standing on a blanket of white.

When the new year starts, will you think of me?
Will you wander as far as I have?
Will they tell our stories bundled up by fires, roasting marshmallows?
I will long to hear your voice
telling me we’d last forever– but,
until then, our secrets are protected
in the snow, in the stars, under the mistletoe.