Thankful Thursday (Girl Meets Life September Blogging Challenge)

I came across Girl Meets Life’s September Blogging Challenge, and wanted to hop on board.

Here’s my Thankful Thursday. (You can view the entire blogging challenge here.)

I could go on and on about how much my pug has touched my life. She’s taught me so many lessons, especially about knowing when to rest. She calms me and continually surprises me with her strength. She suffers with a back disease that is a form of slow paralysis, and yet she plays like she’s still a puppy.

I’m so thankful to have this little creature in my life.

Thankful Thursday

Gratitude is the Attitude

It’s November, and I’ve been noticing on my social media feeds a rise in posts about what people are thankful for. I love the idea of sharing something everyday that we’re thankful for, no matter how big or how small.

Gabrielle Bernstein has a great quote about gratitude in her book, “May Cause Miracles”: “Gratitude creates a domino effect of love.”

I know that when I’m feeling down, stressed, panicked, rushed, irritated, or just not feeling “OK,” I’ve been forcing myself to remember gratitude. To be thankful for the small things. I’m thankful for my beautiful apartment, my loved ones, but I’m also incredibly thankful to the pen that doesn’t run out on me, or being able to have the time in the morning to write this post. When you set your mind to being thankful all the time, it’ll leave you feeling less panicked, stressed, or irritated, even if only for a minute or so.

Today, I’m sharing my gratitude for yoga and my breath. I’ve been trying to sit in stillness each morning to center myself before heading into my work day, and I’ve noticed that with yoga and focusing on my breathing, I feel stronger and more confident.

I’m also thankful for chai lattes, which basically captures the entirety of the holidays and places it in a single cup of steamy tea with cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Mmm.

I found this coconut chai latte last night from Oh She Glows and it’s my inspiration for this morning’s chai latte. And sometimes, I like to make my chai lattes more chilly (yes, even in winter) and I make this chocolate chai banana smoothie.

Beautiful You Series: Gratitude

Is there something that’s holding you back from truly loving yourself unconditionally or embracing what makes you beautiful? The secret to beauty is not makeup, fashionable clothing, or the way you style your hair. It’s being you. It means embracing who you are, and loving everything about yourself. And yes, even the dark spaces that make you sad, or angry, or resentful, or whatever not-so-good feeling. You have to accept those too, and  learn from those dark spaces. When you accept yourself for who you are, right at that moment, the most powerful changes can occur. You’ll become willing to grow and learn from the dark spaces, you’ll learn to accept your body for the wonderful creation it is, and you’ll begin to shift your perception of beauty to a much more positive state.

One great way to jump start loving yourself unconditionally and embracing your beauty is to have gratitude. Gratitude is the beginning of something wonderful. It’s the beginning of being able to accept and love yourself.  

So here’s the assignment: Today, let’s decide to make one small change. Instead of putting yourself down, every time you have a negative thought about yourself counteract it with a positive one. Or maybe two. Or even three.Go ahead and write them down on paper and even keep it with you so you can refer back to it throughout the day. Continue adding to it every time you have a negative thought about yourself. Let the gratitude start piling up! 

Makeup is awesome, fashionable clothes are great, and a great hairstyle can make a bad day a little better. But truly knowing yourself, loving yourself unconditionally, and knowing you’re beautiful and worthy to be happy no matter the circumstance (yes, even on bad hair days), now that’s understanding beauty. That’s owning who you are. And that’s a major ingredient to the recipe of living life with smiles even on the not-so-good days. 


30 Days of Gratitude

“Gratitude” : the state of being grateful : thankfulness.

#1. I am grateful for my ability to work.
#2. I am grateful to have a safe and stable home.
#3. I am grateful for my family and my friends. You are blessings with unique talents and personalities. Embrace them.
#4. I am grateful for my wonderful and kind boyfriend. He gets me.
#5. I am grateful that I can buy the food I enjoy eating.
#5. I am grateful that there are opportunities for me back to give back to others.
#6. I am grateful for my pug. She is my example of a self-less and peaceful life.
#7. I am grateful for all of my blog readers 🙂
#8. I am grateful for my faith. Without it I would have nothing.
#9. I am grateful I have lots of warm blankets for colder days.
#10. I’m thankful for my family, and how well we get along.
#11. I’m grateful for my parents who’ve taught me how to be a good person and to work hard.
#12. My sisters are the best,and I’m forever grateful I have them around. 🙂
#13. A little silly, but I really am grateful for coffee.

I noticed that Dennisse Lisseth, who runs the page Exceptional Living on Facebook, as well as her website Dennisse Lisseth, wrote in her newsletter the other day that she’s always wanted to do this but never made time for it. I couldn’t help but want to share as well, but thought a blog post which I could update each day would be better. I think you should join in too!

(Side note: I started following the Exceptional Living page about three months ago, and am inspired everyday by the motivational quotes and pictures she’d post.)

Have a great Thursday!