Listen To Your Intuition

It’s so easy to lose ourselves in what people think we should be. You may have not noticed it, but if you took a step back and looked at your life as if you were someone else watching, would you be happy with it? Are you harboring sadness, guilt, shame, and the urge to break free and start to heal? 

You can. It’s a tiny whisper, but it’s a start. Listen closely. Can you hear it? You can. There’s another way. There’s another way to turn instead of taking one more step into losing yourself into what your friends, family, everyone else, etc. thinks you should be. 

The way to start is to start listening to your intuition. You can call this what you want. Start listening to that voice. The more you listen to it, the louder it will get. It will guide you. This intuition, God, ~ing (as Gabby Bernstein calls it), conscience, will be the voice of reason. Listen to it. Discover who you are. 



Have a beautiful, wonderful, peace-filled day. 



Happy New Year!

Hi, everyone! Can you believe it’s 2014? It felt like 2013 went by so fast. And what a fantastic year it was! 2013 was a very transformational year for me. I was able to move forward doing work that I love, I learned how to knit, I fell in love with yoga, and even tried a meditation or two.

I haven’t made any specific resolutions this year, except to continue doing what I’m already walking on the path of: a healthier, happier life filled with love, laughter, and ease.

What are your 2014 resolutions? Did you make any this year?

Wishing everyone a blessed, blissful, and beautiful new year,


Scarf Crazy: Latest Project

A few months ago (or maybe just one, can’t remember) I decided I wanted to learn how to knit. One of my favorite hobbies is crosstitching, but to do that for hours at a time would hurt my wrists terribly, so I wanted to find a similar relaxing hobby.

Enter knitting! It has been so frustrating learning the specific stitches, but I finished my first scarf in September, and finally went to the store to get a new thing of yarn.

I love the colors of the one I found. yarn

And I am halfway done already! I’ve been working with alternating two basic stitches: the pearl stitch and the knit stitch. So far, it’s going well.

If you want to start learning how to knit, here’s a great video I found:

Eventually, I plan on learning how to knit a hat, similar to the one Tara Stiles gives a tutorial for in this video:

Even though it’s frustrating, I do love knitting. It’s relaxing and I like the idea that as I continue practicing, I’ll be able to make beautiful things for all the beautiful people in my life.

Keep smiling and happy knitting,


Daily Discovery: “Happy” Playlist

This song makes me laugh.

This song makes me cry. The good kind.

This song instantly puts me into a good mood.

And I only discovered it this week. Thank you, Pandora.

Take a moment to listen. It’s lighthearted and simple. It’s easy to listen to. And it says so much.

Share in the comments below what song or songs put you into a good mood 🙂

Here are a few more songs which have been on my playlist this week:

“Thieves,” She & Him
“Be OK,” Ingrid Michaelson
“Brighter Than the Sun,” Colbie Caillat
“Black and Gold,” Katy Perry

(Side note: I’ve been loving the She & Him station on Pandora. Instantly mood-lifting music.)

Have a great Saturday night!


Beautiful You: Underreacting to Problems (Stress Tip)

Hi everyone! Tonight I wanted to share a stress tip I read last week over at Vitamin G, Glamour magazine’s health and fitness blog.

In the post, happiness expert Gretchen Rubin shares this tip (you can read the entire post here):

“I adopted one of my favorite happiness boosters from a resolution suggested by a reader who wrote from a research ship in Antarctica,” Rubin writes. “Her team leader, she reported, had urged them to ‘Underreact to problems’: not to ignore or minimize problems, but just to underreact to them. By underreacting to problems, and acting in a serene and unflappable way, I’d help myself cultivate a calm attitude. I also found that underreacting to little household incidents made them less irritating, because after all, they were only as annoying as I allowed them to be.”

I love this idea. When you underreact, you give yourself the freedom to relax and see the problem with clarity. I have tried this since I read it, and it has helped. Do you think you’d benefit from trying to underreact to problems?

Have a great evening! I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to the fall season. 🙂