Daily Discovery: Jamberry Nails Review


Hi, everyone! Ever heard of Jamberry nails? You’re about to. My aunt, a Jamberry consultant, recently sent me a few pairs to choose from to do a review. I’ve used them before, and I really liked them. You can choose to do a full manicure with them, or use a few as accent nails. Since it’s the holiday season, I decided to go with this holiday-themed nail.

Jamberry nails are nail wraps. You apply them with heat from using either the Jamberry heater or a hair dryer, and each sheet of nail wraps should be able to give you at least 2 manicures and pedicures. You’ll love these if you’re a huge fan of nail art (like those tuxedos of Zooey Deschanel’s), nail color, and saving time and money, but you’re not a fan of:

– paying someone to do it for you
– applying fake nails
– doing it yourself
– waiting for polish to dry
– smudging your manicure or pedicure minutes after you’ve finished them
– yucky nail polish smell

And for all the cooks and foodies out there, I also love them because since I spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning dishes, they don’t fade or smudge.

Here’s what you’ll need to apply:
– hair dryer (or Jamberry nail heater)
– applicator stick
– tweezers (I didn’t end up using these– you can use these to grab and hold the nail wrap while you heat it.)
– nail scissors
– clean nails (You can use a wipe or I use hand sanitizer.)
– nail file

Before beginning, make sure to find the right size nail for your fingers and push back your cuticles.

You’ll receive instructions on how to apply the nail wraps, but here’s a brief idea of how the process goes.


Take your applicator stick and use it to pull the nail wrap off the sheet. Grab your hair dryer and on a medium heat (and on the low setting), heat up the back (sticky) side of the nail. It took about 20 seconds for me. Once it’s heated, apply it to your nail.


Use the applicator stick to push the ends of the nail wrap into your cuticle and then smooth the nail out over your nail.


Using your nail scissors, trim off the excess around your nail.


Use a nail file to smooth down the excess. When using the nail file, make sure to use it at a 90 degree angle.


And you’re done! I decided to use the wraps as accent nails, and painted the rest of my nails red. It isn’t featured here, but I found gold glitter polish and put that on over the plain red nails.


To shop all the available options, please shop through my aunt’s link: http://tessdillashaw.jamberrynails.net/product/santa-suit#.VIyhwCvF9nI

You can also follow her Facebook page.

It is too late to order for Christmas, but it isn’t too late for the sparkliest day of the year: New Year’s Eve. Ring in the new year with these beauties:

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