Listen To Your Intuition

It’s so easy to lose ourselves in what people think we should be. You may have not noticed it, but if you took a step back and looked at your life as if you were someone else watching, would you be happy with it? Are you harboring sadness, guilt, shame, and the urge to break free and start to heal? 

You can. It’s a tiny whisper, but it’s a start. Listen closely. Can you hear it? You can. There’s another way. There’s another way to turn instead of taking one more step into losing yourself into what your friends, family, everyone else, etc. thinks you should be. 

The way to start is to start listening to your intuition. You can call this what you want. Start listening to that voice. The more you listen to it, the louder it will get. It will guide you. This intuition, God, ~ing (as Gabby Bernstein calls it), conscience, will be the voice of reason. Listen to it. Discover who you are. 



Have a beautiful, wonderful, peace-filled day.