1 year ago on August 5…

One year ago today, I began Writing.Love.Magic. It’s amazing to celebrate one year! Thank you to all who have stopped by, read my posts, commented, and followed. I look forward to continue sharing with you.

When I began Writing.Love.Magic., I wanted to focus on creating a positive space for others and myself. I wanted to share my interests in food, books, poetry, and inspirational writing with others.

I was stumped on a name.

Eventually, I landed on Writing.Love.Magic. Why?

When you mix all the ingredients from a recipe, something magical happens.

That’s what I wanted with my blog. All the things I loved, each a different ingredient in the recipe. Combined, they make something magical.

I want to share the magic with you. I want you to create it yourself.

Thank you again for everything!


Poetry Challenge, Day 2: #inareddress

Hi everyone! As some of you know, Francesca Lia Block, one of my favorite authors, is having a 30 poems in 30 days challenge over on her blog, Love in the time of global warming. I wanted to share my poems both here and there. Here’s my poem for day two:


I wore my favorite red dress today, the one
that my best friend told me not to wear
because it looked better on her
but I wore it anyway
because I felt like I could dance on flames
and walk on water

so I waited in the schoolyard for you
texting on my smartphone and wanting to update
my relationship status
but twenty minutes later the wind whipped around me
and a cold freeze came with it
whipping my dress, round and round
and instead I ended up tweeting.

If you want to read what Francesca wrote, along with others sharing their poetry too, check out day two of the challenge here: http://loveinthetimeofglobalwarming.blogspot.com/.

Have you ever written poetry? What’s your favorite poem?


Charlie Challenge Day 1

Ever heard of You, Me and Charlie? Well, if not, it’s this website where you can share your creativity with others. It was started by Dianna Agron, who you have probably seen on Glee. I’m addicted to the site, and today, they started a 30-day challenge encouraging us to “commit to your creativity and follow the daily prompt that we post on the website.” The first challenge for today was to share our personal manifesto in whatever medium we felt to express it in.

I decided to simply write mine out.

Here’s mine: Laugh, love and live without fear. Be kind, and have empathy for others. Smile and be thankful, because every day, you can find something beautiful.

What would yours be?

To check out the challenge, here’s the link.

Happy May!


Beautiful You: Loving Yourself

This morning while I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook, I came across an article from hellogiggles.com. I’m a huge fan of their site- the content always brings a smile to my face. And on this beautiful Sunday, with the window open and the fresh scent of the trees outside wafting into my room, I read a piece about loving yourself. I wanted to share the introduction paragraph with you:

“It’s natural to want to be better. To want to improve something, fix your flaws, to challenge yourself to become a better you. As we do these things, it’s easy to raise our expectations to the point that we lose sight of our self-acceptance. When our ambition cancels out our self-love, it removes our enjoyment of life. For today, perhaps challenge yourself to recognize your efforts. Imagine that you are exactly who and where you ought to be. Be gentle with yourself today.

The entire piece is beautiful and inspiring, but the introduction spoke to me, making me realize how often a majority of my thoughts lend themselves to finding the improvements I need to make and the flaws that I have, losing sight of the magic of life around me.

To read the rest of the post here’s the link. It’s worth the few minutes to read, and then to reflect. I know now that by starting out my day reading this, I felt inspired to put a smile on my face and enjoy the day-not focusing quite so much on the mirror, my negative thoughts, or what I feel I “should be doing.” Today, I was able to relax, and take in life around me.

I hope you find the piece as inspiring as I did, and a huge thank you goes out to its author, Sarah.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


Midnight Writing

A will to write. A dream to create. My hands scratch the surface of creativity- touching stars and haunting moons with my fingertips. I’m a creation of desert sands, sagebrush and thunderstorms, running wild with ideas for a better world. My creations live behind my eyes, where tears dance and wait to drop. I will love and watch the magic unfold.