Beautiful You: A Challenge for Today

Good morning everyone!

Despite however your week may be going, I want to challenge us all today to do one thing: find and share one reason to smile! It might be having a cup of coffee with a loved one before work, a phone call, a bouquet of flowers, or picking up a new book.

I would love to hear what you find today that makes a smile appear on your face. By finding one thing to make you smile, or feel uplifted, I hope it helps you find even more reasons too.

To start things off, I found this gorgeous recipe for baklava from The Pretty Blog this morning while scrolling through my Facebook feed. I couldn’t help but remember a dinner date with my boyfriend where we tried out this new Greek place and ended the night in a park sharing baklava.

I look forward to hearing all the things you’ll be sharing! Have a great Wednesday!




A Little Random Post

Tonight’s “New Girl” episode made me want to blast some great music and dance like a fool. Glee’s prom episode made me remember my own proms (or proms) and made me want to break out my old prom dress.

As I found myself dancing around my room laughing till the point of crying, I realized I felt like a kid, happy and free. Not caring what the people around them might think.

So, take a moment to dance like nobody’s watching because really, it’s fun. Smile and take notice of your laughter.