Make Peace With Cracks in Your Routine

Though you can’t completely prevent your routine from getting rocked by different twists and turns, you can learn to still be at peace with them. You might even learn that your routine is old and boring, and the little cracks are making room for new changes. However, there are still times when little cracks can make you frustrated, so here are a few things I’ve learned and try to practice to help keep myself peaceful and calm.

1. Prep the night before.
Put together a to-do list and then put it away. Just because you make a to-do list doesn’t mean you have to get started doing it. I remember someone said that even when your “to do” list looks complete, there will always be more tasks. Don’t worry about it so much. Other than a to do list, consider tidying up a bit, laying out your clothes, packing your bag or meal prepping. By getting those things out of the way, you’re setting yourself up for the morning to go smoothly, or at least, if you’re running late, it can help keep you from feeling too overwhelmed.

2. Create a “To Feel” List. I can’t remember where I got this, but the credit isn’t mine. I remember stumbling across the idea of creating a “to feel” list, such as “I will feel calm. At peace and ease. I will be happy.” Read the list throughout the day. I really like this one.

3. Live in the present moment. Don’t spend all day dreaming of the past weekend or wishing it was Friday. Instead, throw yourself wholeheartedly into whatever you’re doing and do it the best you can, with a positive attitude.

4. Make peace with chaos. This is something I read recently. Chaos is inevitable, and while there are things we can do to prevent it, sometimes, chaos is a part of life. Make peace with it. Understand chaos is inevitable, and see how well you react when chaos occurs.

5. Take a deep breath. I’ve mentioned this before on my blog, but a deep breath is so powerful and can change your entire attitude. A long, slow, calming deep breath can reshape your way of thinking and bring your focus back. Next time you’re letting the “crazy kick in” come out of it by taking three long deep breaths and consider how much better you feel.

6. Meditate and Pray. If you have tons of worries, say a prayer, and then take a minute to sit in a quiet space. This really helps me, and I am learning that meditating really helps me stay focused and trains me to stop multitasking and to take everything a step at a time.

Beautiful You: A Challenge for Today

Good morning everyone!

Despite however your week may be going, I want to challenge us all today to do one thing: find and share one reason to smile! It might be having a cup of coffee with a loved one before work, a phone call, a bouquet of flowers, or picking up a new book.

I would love to hear what you find today that makes a smile appear on your face. By finding one thing to make you smile, or feel uplifted, I hope it helps you find even more reasons too.

To start things off, I found this gorgeous recipe for baklava from The Pretty Blog this morning while scrolling through my Facebook feed. I couldn’t help but remember a dinner date with my boyfriend where we tried out this new Greek place and ended the night in a park sharing baklava.

I look forward to hearing all the things you’ll be sharing! Have a great Wednesday!




Daily Discovery: My Playlist

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since my last post, and while it’s not really a Daily Discovery, I thought I’d share a few songs that have been on my playlist. I work from home, so I go through quite a bit of music during the day. (I’m always looking for new music. If you have any ideas, share in the comments below.)

Here’s what I can’t get enough of:

This Kiss, Carly Rae Jepsen
Hurt So Good, Carly Rae Jepsen
Parking Lot, Nelly Furtado
From This Valley, The Civil Wars
Ready or Not, Bridget Mendler
Song Away, Hockey
Some Nights, Fun
Are You Satisfied?, Marina and the Diamonds
One Thing, One Direction
We Are Never Getting Back Together, Taylor Swift
She Wolf, Shakira

When I’m working, I love music with a happy and upbeat feel to it to keep my mood up. It also keeps me feeling energized. I’ve also noticed that in the summer, I’m in the mood for music with a catchy beat and lighter lyrics, if that makes sense. Carefree and energizing, happy and (though I’m not a huge fan of the heat and the sun) would be perfect for a day at the beach.

Here are a few albums I’m excited for:

Christmas in the Sun, Colbie Caillat
Babel, Mumford and Sons
Red, Taylor Swift
ARTPOP, Lady Gaga
Anything by The Civil Wars

Christmas in the Sun was just announced, and I love Colbie’s idea behind the album: what about people who, around the holidays, don’t get snow? I completely understood when I read this, because I where I grew up, I remember it snowing maybe twice while I lived there before moving north for college. And only once was the snow actually falling on Christmas day (and it didn’t stick around). I love this idea for a holiday album and I cannot wait.

I fell in love with Mumford and Sons sometime last year. I can’t remember. But I love their music, and I love how their songs are inspired by literature.

I’ve never been Taylor’s biggest fan but I do enjoy her music. But with the release of We Are Never Getting Back Together I’m interested in her pop sound, and looking forward to seeing if she continues it or if the rest of her music will still have a little country in it.

I’ve been a fan of Lady Gaga since The Fame Monster, and am highly anticipating what she’ll do with her upcoming album.

And last but not least, I could go on for days about how much I love The Civil Wars, but then this post will be even longer than it already is. But if you haven’t listened to their album or any of their music yet, please add them to your playlist. I will say though that their album, Barton Hollow, is perfect. Completely perfect. And that’s all I’m going to say. 😉

What music has been on repeat for you lately?