Scarf Crazy: Latest Project

A few months ago (or maybe just one, can’t remember) I decided I wanted to learn how to knit. One of my favorite hobbies is crosstitching, but to do that for hours at a time would hurt my wrists terribly, so I wanted to find a similar relaxing hobby.

Enter knitting! It has been so frustrating learning the specific stitches, but I finished my first scarf in September, and finally went to the store to get a new thing of yarn.

I love the colors of the one I found. yarn

And I am halfway done already! I’ve been working with alternating two basic stitches: the pearl stitch and the knit stitch. So far, it’s going well.

If you want to start learning how to knit, here’s a great video I found:

Eventually, I plan on learning how to knit a hat, similar to the one Tara Stiles gives a tutorial for in this video:

Even though it’s frustrating, I do love knitting. It’s relaxing and I like the idea that as I continue practicing, I’ll be able to make beautiful things for all the beautiful people in my life.

Keep smiling and happy knitting,