I’m still here, and now I’m in the process of waiting. I’ve finished everything I need to do to begin student teaching in the fall. I’ll be working in second grade.

Since my last post, I have learned two important things.

First, just because you really want to take the similar path as others, you might need to deviate from the norm, and that’s OK. This is what happened to me.

In January, I knew there were two major things I needed to get done in order to be ready for my internship. First, I needed to pass the same Praxis test I last wrote about.

I never did pass it. I was faced with a new option: taking another test that was accepted as a substitute for the portion of the test I couldn’t pass.

I passed that test with flying colors.

Second, I am learning what it means to wait. Right now, I need to enjoy my summer break, rest, and wait for the fall. This is my time for reflection and for rest.

But it is challenging.

I feel like I am on the horizon of change, looking out over an ocean, and taking a few relaxing moments before jumping in.

I’m still here. I’m waiting. I’ve worked hard, and right now, I need to relax.



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