The Edge
Desert Morning Sunrise, A Poem
Untitled Poem from Me to You
midnight lullaby
Love in a Bar
Winter Ghosts

Poems for Francesca Lia Block’s 30 Poems in 30 Days challenge:

Day 1: “September”
Day 2: #inareddress
Day 3: An Untitled Poem
Day 4
Days 5 and 6
Days 7 and 8
Days 9 and 10
Day 11
Day 12
Days 13 through 15
Days 16 through 19
Days 20-23

Along with the above, you can check out more poetry on my poetry blog. All words are my own, please don’t take them. If you wish to completely re-post a poem, or have questions/ideas/concerns, please email me at WritingLoveMagic[at]gmail.com.

Some of my favorite poets:
Jewel Kilcher
Emily Dickinson
William Carlos Williams
Edgar Allan Poe

Who are some of yours?

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